Southville International School and Colleges once again hosted its annual open house where high school students from different schools were invited to join and take the college entrance exam for free. Psychology Society, the in-house organization of the College of Psychology, took part in the event by setting up its black and white themed booth that showcased psychological concepts and theories, and gave a summary of the Psychology program offered in Southville International School and Colleges.

Black and White Theme – Good Feedback

Different from the previous open houses, the Psychology Society decided to use the theme black and white to expose the elegance yet simplicity of the organization and the College of Psychology. The visitors and students from other schools complimented the booth and the officers who manned the booth. Spearheaded by the External Vice President of the organization along with the other officers and selected students, the booth was a success.

There were also students who repeatedly came back to the booth to play the games prepared by the officers. The officers included games such as the memory game and identifying the illusions. These games hooked the curiosity of students from both SISC and outside. The SISC Public Relation Department gave the officers compliment and congratulated them for a job well done despite the extreme temperature and other hurdles faced in order to put up the booth.

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