Southville Opens Product Design and Development Unit (PDDU) -

Southville Opens Product Design and Development Unit (PDDU)

Building on its strong entrepreneurship and investment culture, Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) through the initiative of the College of Business Administration established the Product Design and Development Unit (PDDU) under the Entrepreneurship and Business Center. This unique program was designed to provide assistance and support for business students and young student-entrepreneurs in exploring new ventures.

Assistance and advisory services are available in the areas of market and product research, product design, development, marketing, packaging, advertising and sales promotion.

PDDU aims to:

a) provide pre-incubation space for pre-start-up businesses, and incubation space for early-stage businesses;

b) provide a vibrant and creative environment for new product ideas and research in the field of entrepreneurship and business development;

c) showcase innovative and impact products and projects of young and new student entrepreneurs;

d) promote interaction between the Unit and relevant business, government, not-for-profit organizations, and professional organizations;

e) conduct seminars and workshops as part of the continuing education, promotion and encouragement of entrepreneurship programs and activities.

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