Southville Parent Education Center holds parenting session

Southville Parent Education Center (SPEC) recognizes and acknowledges each parent’s significant role in the education of children. Some parents though truly experience the joys of parenthood, the filial love is nurtured as parents and children enjoy the bonds of family life. There is no rehearsal for parenting, thus, the SPEC is critical in providing support as parents experience the peaks and valleys of parenting. 

We currently concluded an overview session on The 7 Habits of Successful Families which was based on the book of Stephen Covey last February 27, 2016. Parents from grade school to high school attended the parenting session to learn more about the 7 Habits. Sharing of experiences was well-appreciated by the whole group as this allowed each parent to share effective ways of handling family life. One parent even mentioned that this session is interesting for them as this will help them manage their teens. The session was rated 4.65 by the parents.

Discussion and workshop was facilitated by Ms. Ma. Remedios Mapa-Suplido. She has managed various NGOs, civil society organizations, and corporate foundations in the past thirty years. She facilitates most of the 7 Habits Workshop. This parenting session was co- facilitated by the Franklin Covey Philippines Group.

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