Southville runs Stock Market 101 -

Southville runs Stock Market 101

Southville International School and Colleges, through the College of Business headed by Dr. Vic Manabat, in collaboration with The Capital Markets Institute of the Philippines Inc. (CMIP), organized a 2-day seminar that ran from April 20-21 on Basic Stock Market Investing for High School, College Students, and Professionals held at SISC’s School of the Future in the Luxembourg Campus.

Twenty-two participants, composed of students, housewives, teachers, insurance agents, and retirees, showed interest in earning money through the Stock Market, attended the first run of the seminar.

SISC and CMIP President, Dr. Marl V. Ferenal’s message, was followed by the lecture of Mr. Reynaldo R. Nograles, Chairman of the CMIP. Mr. Nograles’ lecture covered basic concepts in stock marketing and how to choose stocks well. Mr. Nograles’ method of discussion was very interactive as he encouraged participants to ask questions along the way. To his delight, the participants raised smart and thought-provoking queries.

Two more speakers, Mr. Leo G. Quinitio, CMIP Vice President of Internal Affairs and Professor Fiel Evidente, shared their knowledge in the afternoon of the first day and on the second day. Mr. Quinitio’s topic, Technical Analysis, could have been very difficult for the participants since none of them were math or accounting practitioners. However, Mr. Quinitio presented the topic in a less arduous way, infusing his interesting experiences. The participants felt that there should be more time for Technical Analysis. On the other hand, Prof. Evidente’s subject matter, Online Trading, also elicited affirmative reaction. The participants clamored for a separate seminar about it. Regarded as informative and interesting, the lectures of both speakers helped participants understand the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Gauging on positive feedback, the CMIP’s seminar was indeed a success. In fact, most of the participants were already looking forward to the second run of the program. Malou Santos, a parent and one of the seminar’s attendees said, “It was great and I learned a lot! I admire the organizers and the speakers. They are excellent.”

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