Southville selected by the European Chamber for internship program

SISC is one of the selected schools in Metro Manila invited by the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) to send fourth year college students to undergo their on-the-job training/practicum under the ECCP’s Student Internship Program.

The program aims to expose students to the corporate world and train them to interact with foreign companies existing in the Philippines. This special internship program requires students to have:

Communication skills
English proficiency
Can work well under pressure and at the same time multitask
Broad research skills
The ECCP is a service-oriented organization whose main goal is to foster close economic ties and business relations between the Philippines and Europe. The ECCP does this by providing a wide range of business services and by creating linkages between companies, organizations and individuals with existing or potential business interests in Europe and the Philippines.

The ECCP is the stepping stone for Europeans into the Philippine market and for Filipinos into the European market.