The Supreme Student Council and Council of Leaders (SSC-COL) and The Monarchs Football Club of Southville International School and Colleges joined the Coastal Clean Up at SM by the Bay last summer in celebration of Earth Day.

The clean up that started at 6:30am and finished by 8 am, collected a total of 79 kilos of garbage and litter.

“The coastal cleanup experience was very fun yet tiring for all of us since we had to wake up early in the morning. But it was worth seeing everybody working as one just to clean up the garbage. I haven’t thought about how people really ignore the fact that they’re polluting and ruining a natural habitat until I got a feel of what really was going on. It was a challenge yet I had a lot of fun. Activities like these are a way to open people’s eyes that we only have one earth and that we should really be careful of what we do with it,” said Irene Agaphy Bentulan, President of SSC-COL.

“Coastal Cleanup Project was very hard at the same time joyous because we were able to help in our surroundings especially Manila Bay. The place was rocky so it was hard to go down and pick up trash but it was fun because I know I was able to reduce trash,” said Alexis Austria II, Vice-President for Non-Academic Activities of SSC-COL.

The Coastal Cleanup Project afforded the Student Council a chance to go beyond their comfort zones and realize their personal strengths, to conquer their fears and develop self-confidence, and to manifest leadership skills while observing the dynamics of teamwork. It is part of Southville’s commitment to develop the leadership qualities of its students, and make them a catalyst towards positive and productive ends.

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