Southville Students to Join Football Europe Tour -

Southville Students to Join Football Europe Tour

Gabriel Aguilar and Prince David from Southville International School and Colleges are set to join the Makati Football Club Delegation of Boys under 11 in the upcoming Europe Football Tour 2013.

Gabriel and Prince, who will be competing in Costablanea Cup, Gothia Cup and Football Festival Denmark Club, started playing football at a very young age through Southville’s V.I.C.T.O.R.S. (Varsity, Interest Club Towards an Outstanding Recreation and Sports) program which provides worthwhile activities where students may channel their energy.

Aware that each child is gifted with different skills and abilities, the program offers a wide range of activities in sports, arts, and recreation. The varsity program is open to all students who excel in their choice of sports and who pass the try out process. Interest clubs on the other hand are activities scheduled every week to ensure the development of skills of the students in their field of interest. Some of the interest clubs include Arts and Crafts, Dance, Young Enthusiasts of Science (Y.E.S.), Sports, etc.

“I have really seen the students’ potential in our practices and I know they will go miles. They are very dedicated and passionate with their craft,” said Ms. Rea Villa, Southville Athletics Director.

Gabriel and Prince join the ranks of fellow Southville students who excel in sports including the Arevalo Siblings for Golf, Alyanna Ong for Basketball, and Verne Enciso for Hockey among others.