Southville Studes Conferred Microsoft Certification -

Southville Studes Conferred Microsoft Certification

One year prior to graduation, Third Year BS Information Technology students of Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) are already highly qualified Microsoft Certified Professionals specializing in the implementation and maintenance of Microsoft Databases (SQL Server 2005) after achieving a 100% passing rate for the Microsoft Certification exam held last month. Two students got a 100% passing rate while majority received more than 90% passing rate.

Rochelle Azures, who despite of her tight schedule as a student assistant, aced the certification exam with a 96% passing rate shared, “Apart from the group studies that my classmates and I did and the summer review classes we had, I had to read a 90 page PDF reviewer every day. But I am really thankful that our curriculum has Microsoft already so I need not enroll in it after I graduate. In fact, I can even get employment if I want to.”

Since 2008, Microsoft Certification Programs are integrated in the SISC BS IT curriculum. As an advanced member of the Microsoft IT Academy Program, SISC prepares students for the demands of the industry by providing services such as the Microsoft E-Learning portfolio, Microsoft Digital Literacy Program, Microsoft E-reference book library and Microsoft Official Courseware.

Ms. Azures, together with other students who were awarded the Microsoft Certification, now has an edge compared to other IT graduates. As published in its website, “Certification does not mean merely printed paper or card, signed by some authority, telling about your expertise. Rather, certification is a process in which you prove your technical skills through the series of tests.”