Southville team shines in innovation summit -

Southville team shines in innovation summit

From 175 teams from over 40 schools nationwide, the Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) ISHAVISION Team of Jan Rasia Laurel, Hosen Balbontin, Jan Dalawampu, and Joenard Caballero, was chosen as one of the Top 30 groups in IDEA’YALA 2014. IDEA’YALA is an innovative challenge for young minds to come up with an idea that will shape the future of the mall. During the Pre-Summit Orientation at the Ayala Mind Museum, the SISC IDEA’YALA participants were given the opportunity to meet and greet their fellow participants, as well as some of the mentors. The Top 30 teams were given framed certificates in appreciation of their promising and innovative idea. Don Jaime Zobel de Ayala, chairman emeritus of Ayala Corporation, and Paloma Zobel de Ayala, co-founder of IDEA’YALA congratulated and commended the young, bright minds & rendered words of wisdom and inspiration. During the summit, the SISC Marketing Management delegates learned from Paloma Zobel de Ayala and Katrina Razon, co-founder of Manila Music Festival, concepts such as radical self-expression, radical self-reliance, radical inclusion, immediacy, leaving no trace, individual participation, collaborative output, communal effort, gifting, civic responsibility, and decommodification. Dan Matutina, winner of New York’s Art Director’s Club Young Guns 2013, gave tips on how to generate ideas. The last speaker, Juliette Lamontagne, a TED Talks fellow and founder of the social innovation program Breaker, reminded the audience to fail forward – learn from your mistake and use that experience to be better. (Jan Rasia Laurel)

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