Sunshine on the Airwaves -

Sunshine on the Airwaves

At 26, Southville grade school alumna Inka Magnaye has already reached great heights. Get to know the woman behind the cheerful voice heard on 99.5 Play FM as she shares her amazing experiences in radio and how Southville made a huge difference in her life.

Q: How did you get into radio?
A: I come from a family of voice talents! My parents were radio DJs back in the 80’s until the early 2000’s. In fact, that was how they met! After being a voice talent myself since before I can even remember, the station that my parents used to work for asked if I wanted to be a DJ for them as well.

Q: Can you share with us what it’s like to be a radio DJ?
A: Being a DJ is a little like being a one stop shop for everything that goes on. You need to be updated on current events, the weather, gossip, and also facts on the different artists and songs you play so you can use your talk time on the air wisely. Our station doesn’t allow more than a minute of talk at a time, so we really need to make what we say count. At the station, we push for positivity and encouragement, progress and creativity. We’re like your personal, musical cheerleaders!

Q: Your radio show, Mid Morning High is so awesome! How do you prepare for it every day?
A: Thank you!! My partner and I come in at least 30 minutes before we have to go on the air so we can plot out what we have to do for the 3-hour show. We each look for news and entertainment bits we can talk about. We pre-produce our segments so they run smoothly, and think about how we can present the songs in a new way to our listeners. Also, a healthy breakfast REALLY helps keep the energy up and the mind sharp!

Q: What is the best experience you’ve had so far as a radio DJ?
A: I can always say meeting celebrities and interviewing favorite artists. I’ve met/interviewed Journey, Michelle Branch, The Click 5, and Cody Simpson to name a few! But to be honest, the best experience has been working with my brother and youngest sibling, Renzo! We used to have a show together called, “Grounded”. We still work at the same station, but he now has his own show and his own partner at night on “The Homerun”. Renzo came from Southville, too!

Q: Aside from working as a radio DJ, what are other things you love to do?
A: I love doing voice-overs for events and commercials. It’s how I started, and though it is still work, I enjoy it! I get to practice my craft, play around with my voice, and meet different people. I also love to read, go to the beach, write short stories and poetry, and also play video games!!!

Q: You are an alumna of Southville International School and Colleges. How did the school shape you into the successful person you are today?
A: I feel like Southville made me more globally aware. We were always exposed to different cultures in many different ways. And that made us worldlier than most kids our age at that time. And when you jump off of a foundation as advanced as that, it gives you certain advantages. Southville’s international curriculum also helped its students become more eloquent at an early age, and so helped prepare me for a job where I talk for a living.

Q: If you could relive one memorable moment in your Southville days, what would it be? Why?
A: Many! From choreographing and dancing a Will Smith song to showing the process of mitosis to dissecting a frog way earlier than my friends from other schools, there’s a lot to choose from. I’d have to say, though, that it would have to be the time when I was chosen to represent my section in the school pageant. At that time, I didn’t consider myself pretty, but my teachers said I was and volunteered me. I learned confidence that day! Something I will never forget.

Q: Which of the 5C’s (Competence, Character, Creativity, Collaboration, and Commitment to Achieve) best describe you? Why?
A: I’d say we all have a little bit of each, but Creativity would have to be the C that describes me best! It’s sort of my thing to always look for different ways to work with people, to improve myself at work and as a person, and to show my dedication in whatever I venture into.

Q: What makes you proud to be a Southville Monarch?
A: Southville made me eco-sensitive (all those slogans for Earth Day), nurtured my passion for poetry (all the poems we had to memorize and write ourselves for the poem books every school year), and most importantly how at home I felt as a student there. I still live in the South so my heart swells every time I get to drive by the school and see its achievements. But what makes me proud to be a Monarch is truly the quality of education I received while I was there, and the impact of that education which I can still feel today. The best part? I enjoyed every moment!

Interview by: Jesselle Villegas

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