The Art in Nursing -

The Art in Nursing

One critical aptitude in professional nursing practice is to be able to render culturally congruent care to clients. This concept was introduced by a modern nurse theorist Madeleine Leininger, who recognized the importance of transcultural care. The BSN program at SISC believes in developing future nurses to be well-rounded valuing the contribution of art and humanities in enhancing the quality of our nursing practice.
SISC College of Nursing has been a school of choice for a number of Filipino-American students wanting to finish a BSN course. After four years they not only acquire the quality nursing education they came for but also gain lifelong appreciation of their Filipino customs and heritage. The recent Carlos Botong Fancisco Exhibit now being showcased in the Southville Museum is just one of the many activities providing such opportunities.
Katrina Francesca Dauden, a BSN Freshman describes “Visiting the museum developed a sense of appreciation for the arts in me. It also served as a way for me to learn more about our traditions and how beautiful and diverse our culture is, and how festive, creative, and full of life we all are. His works mostly depict the everyday Filipino life. There were paintings that showed a mother nursing a child and even a group of locals making sinigang. It was definitely an eye-opener for me.”
Cristine Pestaño, another BSN freshman shares, “… I was at awe how the beauty of our country and the simplicity of our Filipino way of life was visibly captivated in every artwork on display. Carlos Botong Francisco is truly an epitome of a national artist because through his masterful and timeless depiction of our cultural heritage in every artwork one grows to experience a sense of pride and love for country.”

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