The Power of Determination -

The Power of Determination

Southville high school alumna Arisa Takagi discussed how she made it to the top and her plans for the future.

Southville taught Arisa to always adhere to excellence in everything she does. “Simple or difficult, always give your best so you won’t have any regrets or what-ifs.” In college, Arisa made sure that she gave her best effort in everyday quizzes, recitations, homework, major reports, practical examinations, and revalidas.

Finding out that she was graduating Magna Cum Laude felt surreal, and Arisa is thankful to God for her achievement. “I planned to give my best starting in first year because one of my academic goals is to graduate with a Latin honor.” According to Arisa, graduating from a pre-medicine course with a Latin honor would be an edge when she applies to different medical schools especially those that offer scholarships. “This is my way of giving thanks to my parents who worked hard just to send me to good schools. I want them to be proud of me and I don’t want to be a burden anymore when I go to med school. This will be achieved if I could help them by being a scholar,” she said.

So what is next for Arisa Takagi? “Our review for the board exam will start this May, up until the end of July. Then I would take the physical therapy licensure exam in August. After I get my license hopefully, I would apply to work as a professor of BS Physical Therapy at De La Salle while waiting for the next school year to go to med school.” For Arisa, working as a professor is an opportunity for her to refresh what she has learned in college, as well as share her knowledge to students.

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