Things to Remember When Applying in an International School -

Things to Remember When Applying in an International School

Being a teacher in an international school is a very demanding and stressful job, but it also opens a door for different and great opportunities like meeting different people and encountering a diverse culture. If you want to experience the other part of the world through teaching, there are several international schools in Manila that you can choose from. There are some of pieces of advice to remember when applying as a teacher. .

Prepare Curriculum Vitae
CV is one way to know the candidate applying for the international school. It should have some details about your teaching experiences and responsibilities as well as your extra-curricular activities and list of seminars that you have attended.

Know the curriculum
The candidate must know the curriculum whether it be IB (International Baccalaureate), AP (Advanced Placement), or IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education). Then, you must also have curricular objectives in your mind. The administrators will be more impressed if you already have a few sample lesson plans ready to discuss during the interview.

Salary and benefits should not be the sole priority
People connote that all the people working and studying in an international school came from the upper class. It may be true but you should not work just because of the benefits. In an interview, do not ask about the salary and benefits because it leaves the impression that you are only applying in the school for the money.

There should be a passion in teaching
Teaching is not only about work and salary; you should also be passionate in what you do. It is not only about sharing knowledge but also inspiring the students to discover and rediscover their dreams and potentials.

Sensitivity to students, parents and staff
There is a wide range of cultures and values that you will have to deal if you apply for an international school. Because of this, you should be more understanding and considerate in everything that you will do.

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