Tips for Students in Making a New Year’s Resolution -

Tips for Students in Making a New Year’s Resolution

We’ve heard the jokes and read the memes about New Year’s Resolution. We have laughed at it and shared it to our friends. But the thing here, have you made one already? No matter how cliché making one is, it is still a tool in achieving more every year. The only key is to do it right and start ahead. Here are some tips: .

Assess yourself
Were you able to attain your goals last year? This is the time to ponder upon the things you did. Have you improved yourself? Have you failed more than once? Before making new goals for this year, make sure to list down your achievements and failures first. Think on how you can maximize your strengths and tackle your weaknesses based on your previous year’s performance.

Be more specific
Most of us put “I will be an achiever” as our goal every year but really, how many of us have attained this? Not everybody, right? What is wrong with this goal is that it is too general. It is better to have a specific target (For example, “I will get higher scores in the exams” Or “I will join more school activities”). This way, you can easily visualize yourself and works toward that particular goal.

Have a timeline
Give yourself a deadline in achieving your goals. This is because some of us tend to dilly-dally before doing the things we need to do. We keep on thinking that there’s still more time so there is no need to hurry until it is December all over again and we haven’t achieved anything yet. For example, “Before Summer vacation ends, I should have read five lessons in advanced. “
Reward yourself
In every resolve you will write, add a corresponding reward for yourself. For example, if you get perfect scores in your subjects, then you will treat yourself by buying your favorite food. This way, you can be more motivated to work towards your goals.
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