Tips in Encouraging Students to Join School Clubs -

Tips in Encouraging Students to Join School Clubs

More often than not, parents are always worrying about their child whether they’re staying too much time indoors or outdoors. “You should go out more” parents will say when they find their child staying in his room for weeks without having a social interaction. Whereas, they will say, “You should go home early” when their child is having a good time with his friends outside. Either of the two, one resolve can be brought up – that is, asking students to join a school club instead. Not only parents can easily monitor the activities of their children through the school administration but also gain the following benefits: .

Learn new things
At an early age, most of the people are still exploring new hobbies where they can possibly discover if they are good at it or not. As a student, it is a great opportunity to join a club to try out new things. If you love watching drama, maybe you can give a try at the Theatre club? Got an eye for designs, maybe Art club is for you?

Enhance your skills and knowledge
Other than discovering new things, joining a club is a good opportunity to improve yourself. This is where you can meet your mentor and seniors who can help you out grow in your respective field of interest.

Practice leadership and teamwork
Being part of the group encourages you to be a good team player in order to attain the goals of the organization. As you spend your years in the group, there will also come a time where you need to step forward and lead the team. As a student, this is a good activity to practice leadership, professionalism, and camaraderie.

Develop values
In line with the previous paragraph, you will also develop values like responsibility, integrity, honesty, and competence when you join a school club. Since you will be spending time with your co-members, you should make sure that you always pick the good values

Make new friends
Last but definitely not the least, joining an organization opens a door for the student to meet new people. Aside from their classmates, they will find people who share the same interests with them in a school club. This way, they will have a larger network of connection in the school that will develop their interpersonal skills. There you have it, there are many school clubs available when you study in one of the international schools in the Philippines. They provide excellence not only in the academic aspect of the students’ life but also in the extracurricular part where the student can experience personal growth.