Wanted: Model Southville Students -

Wanted: Model Southville Students

The Good Citizens of STAR, Munich and Luxembourg Campuses are values formation undertaking that recognizes Grades 1 – 12 students who have shown by their words and actions that they possess the qualities and characteristics SISC hopes to instill in all its students. The monthly awards acknowledge the discipline, integrity, compassion, and responsibility of a model student. The awards are determined by conduct in school, adherence to school policies, and recommendation from subject teachers. They are designed to recognize the students who consistently exhibit the kinds of behaviors we want to see displayed in the school and in the community.

Implementing Guidelines:
1. The award is open to all Grades 1-12 students.
2. Qualified students will be nominated by the advisers.
3. There will be nominees per section.
4. Each nominee will be screened by all the Subject Teachers, Level Facilitators and Deputy Principal.
5. Each awardee will receive a certificate from the Deputy Principal during the first week of the succeeding month.
6. The records of Good Citizen of Star/Munich/ Luxembourg Campus Awardees can be used as reference for choosing the Values Excellence Awardees at the end of the Academic Year.

The Good Citizen of STAR/Munich/Luxembourg Campus Awardees should:
1. meet all KRI targets of the month;
2. not receive class tickets or warning slips in a month;
3. obtain an average rating of VS in the Good Manners Program (3Rs: Respect, Relationship and Responsibility & HI: Humility and Integrity; and
4. obtain an average rating of VS in the teachers’ deliberation.