Working Toward Students’ Success through Parental Involvement -

Working Toward Students’ Success through Parental Involvement

In general, college is seen as a transition period from adolescence to adulthood, a place where students explore a new environment and separate from their dependent roles and begin to identify as individuals. Traditionally, parents’ or guardians’ involvement at this level is perceived in a negative light. However, in Southville’s College of Nursing, parents’ and guardians’ involvement is seen as a welcome partnership. We believe that parents play a key role in student success. Studies have provided evidence that suggests that students who experience significant parental involvement have better chances of being academically successful and socially successful in their higher education endeavors (Wartman & Savage, 2008). The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) suggests that parents’ interest in their child’s college career can potentially influence how much students gain from college. NSSE also found that students whose parents intervene on their behalf are more active in and satisfied with their college experience (Association of College Unions International: The Bulletin, 2009).

Last July 4, 2015, despite the rains, Southville’s BSN parents and guardians from all levels (freshmen to seniors) gathered at the Mini Theatre for a highly productive meeting. Serious matters were tackled like the OBE graduate outcomes, the presentation of the improved curriculum and important details of the clinical component of the BSN program, among other matters. On a lighter note the College of Nursing together with the Southville International Organization for Nursing (SION) officers , were able to mobilize parent participation for the forthcoming community outreach fundraising activity of the College – the Silver Book Project.

The breakout session per level was a welcomed opportunity for a question-and-answer session and provided a more intimate dialogue with the faculty members. The meeting ended with a tour of the Southville Museum which turned to be a delightful venue for parents to mingle and meet other parents.

As a whole, the goal of the College of Nursing to establish a working partnership with our BSN parents and guardians was met. We hope to realize an improvement in student engagement and achievement through this effort.

The Bulletin, March 2009

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