A Closer Look At WASC -

A Closer Look At WASC

In 1996, a group of accreditors from WASC first stepped foot in what is now Southville International Schools and Colleges. Since then, the two institutions have had a relationship filled with growth and improvement.

WASC, or the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, is an association that is responsible for the accreditation of schools across the world with the goal to advance the quality of education and to encourage student growth. Since the year 2000, Southville has been accredited by WASC three times in 6 year intervals, signifying that the school does indeed deliver international quality education.

Throughout the years, WASC has given the school countless commendations: leadership, for engaging all members of the school community, like the teachers, staff, and parents in all the processes related to the improvement of the school; students, for their ability to think critically when answering the questions of the visiting WASC team; teachers, for using he assessment data and applying content and skills gathered from professional lesson formats, for their efforts to implement international core standard; the school, for increasing opportunities for all the students to showcase their talents in the arts; and the management, for fostering the efforts for school improvement and focusing on learning.

The coming of WASC this month marks the fourth cycle of the WASC visit. SISC is aiming for another 6-year accreditation. This is important to Southville because the school has critically improved—From the areas needed of improvement, to the proven fact that the school is making a difference in the lives of students through the administering of excellent, international education.