A New Breed of MDs -

A New Breed of MDs

Southville International School and Colleges, College of Nursing has seen an escalating trend in students opting to pursue a double career by choosing the BSN as a pre med course. This year we are seeing the 4th batch of BSN graduates, who after obtaining their nursing license, continued on to medicine. Just like the previous sets of RN-MDs starting with the pioneer Class of 2007, Dr. Jacquelyn Chan, Dr. Charmagne Bato, Dr. Jordanne Barrientos and Dr. Bianca Evangelista who are now actively practicing in their areas of specialization. Last August 26, 2015 a new set of SISC RNs from BSN class 2009 successfully passed their Physician Licensure Examination: Dr. Anna Romina Anchores, Dr. Kriska Marie Faye Atienza, Dr. Hanna Jonadette Morcilla; and from BSN Class 2010: Dr. Jacky Patdu, and Dr. Larizze Leonica Principe.

They now join the new breed of RNs turned MDs who not only seek to cure but to heal and care. Their early formation of putting into practice the theory of caring has broadened their perspective to make a conscious effort to take a humanistic approach in every patient encounter.

The early exposure to varied clinical experiences, the rigors of formative professional discipline, the introduction to actual life situations with patients and their families and the collaborative interactions with health professionals, all within the nursing program, prove to be valuable for some students who see themselves in the practice of medicine.