BSN Students’ Continued Pursuit for Excellence in Research -

BSN Students’ Continued Pursuit for Excellence in Research

Two BSN student researches were once more accepted for presentation in the 11th MDCON Research Congress held last February 23, 2018. The research studies were:

Social Media In Filpino Young Adults and their Social Ability by Tamam Abu Rayyan, Jacqui Louise Canlas, Margie Ossi, Rouie Jean Sindac, Lois Songcuan (BSN Class 2018).

The Degree of Nicotine Dependence, Autonomous Motivation and Perceived Competence among Smokers in Selected Urban Setting by Kacey Cuntapay, Katrina Francesca Dauden, Danielle Diño, Carl Ivan Reyes-Soriano, Laurice Anne Sobong (BSN Class 2018).

The designated presenters: Ms. Canlas & Ms. Abu Rayyan, Ms. Sobong & Ms. Dauden confidently presented their research study to the assembly of nursing professionals and nursing students from varied regions of the Philippines.

SISC College of Nursing has sustained its efforts in encouraging BSN students to aspire to produce relevant, ethical and quality researches in order to expand nursing and nursing related knowledge. Given these opportunities to present their work in varied forums has added greater interest among BSN students to give their best effort toward this worthwhile academic endeavor.