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Southville IB spearheads the Fight against Hunger.

To celebrate World Food Day and to respond to this global challenge, Southville IB launched a project called the Hunger Game last October 16. In the said project, students and teachers from Preschool to College were invited to visit the freerice.com and answer the vocabulary game. For every answer that they got right, they donated 10 grains of rice through a sponsor to the World Food Program of the United Nations.

SISC IB Students Joined International Conference on Global Issues

Southville International School and Colleges IB students joined the Global Issues Network Manila (GINila) Conference last September 5-6, 2014. The GIN is an international student network that strives to empower students to address global issues within their sphere of influence through community service and action. The conference focused on four global issues; poverty, education for all, biodiversity losses, and disaster mitigation.

SISC IB Students Led International Peace Day Celebration

As an IB World School, SISC shares the responsibility of promoting peace and managing conflict so everyone can live together peacefully not only on a global scale but also in personal and classroom interactions. It is for this reason that the International Baccalaureate students led the school’s 1st International Peace Day celebration last September 22, 2014. The event was highlighted by activities such as the Wall of Peace, Storytelling, A Thousand Cranes for Peace, and Peace Talk which involved students from preschool to college.

The Academic Year That Was

We have recently concluded another amazing academic year in Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP). Here’s a look back at the main activities of AY 2013-2014. [read more]

IB and Giftedness

What constitutes Giftedness?

Officially, the definition is three percent of the student population, and with an I.Q. of over one hundred and forty. This varies from country to country, but the more able should not be confused with gifted. More able is defined as the top 15 percent. The needs of the gifted are equal to those with learning difficulties-both groups need guidance and appropriate challenges. [read more]

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