Multidimensional View on Learning -

Multidimensional View on Learning

Learning is a multidimensional process. The dynamics and complexity of the educational system and the availability of improved learning materials and supplies due to technological advancements contributes on how learning is defined today.

Confidence and IndependenceLearners’ growth and development goes alongside with self-actualization. The capacity to acknowledge up to what extent their capabilities are and confidence in applying their own knowledge on daily actions are essential factors that constitute learning. It is only through taking risks, confidence and independence are best learned.

Creativity, Originality, ImaginationCreativity is an integral part of the learning process. It is a process by which ideas are formed, processed, developed, and converted into actual results. Imagination and well-constructed ideas are the foundation of the greatest works and discoveries of today.

ReflectionBeing able to take a step back, see the entire picture, assess, and develop awareness is the key to this learning. This dimension help learners see the difference between thought, context and actual situation, and support them in gauging their feelings and responses.

Skills and StrategiesThis dimension pertains to know-how aspect of learning. Learners are expected to form their own set of skills and strategies that they can use in different situations that may arise.

Use of Prior and Emerging ExperienceThis is an unrecognized dimension of learning wherein a learner is able to come up with a decision or action based from past experience. One good example would be in Math process, where basic arithmetic process can be applied in simplifying complicated algebraic expressions.

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