In2ition Presents 2nd International Forum on Real-life Applications of AI Technology

In2ition Presents 2nd International Forum on Real-life Applications of AI Technology

Southville International School and Colleges (November 19, 2020)-  SISC hosted a webinar as part of the College of Information Technology’s annual In2ition event that aims to educate various groups from students, professionals, and households on the growing demand of Artificial Intelligence in today’s world. It was conducted for the first time in a virtual environment with the topic “International Forum on Real-life Applications of AI Technology” with two special guests ; 2020 National Chairman of Mechatronics and Robotics Society of The Philippines (MRSP) Engr Franklin D. Quiachon  and  Consultant of cWork Microjob Ltd Shah Zahidur Rahman. 

The first part of the webinar introduced Small Factory, a system that self-optimizes real-time future commonly used for mass productions. The speaker also gave specific insights on the impact of this system on the environment being eco friendly and technologically efficient. The internet of things producing large data in big quantities is ensured through the effective use of smart factoryWith its five key characteristics – connected, optimized, transparent, proactive, and agile, from the term itself, smart production is achieved in no time where quality results will not be compromised. 

The second part of the webinar tackled “Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Social Good”, empowering individuals, communities, and the world beyond where advances from deep learning to machine learning are key to the highest efficiency of technology, integrated in modern industries. The complexity of the 4th Industrial Revolution is discussed to be heavily relying on innovative efforts and technical literacy from the lowest of age up to experts who are unstoppable in providing more efficient means of getting things done especially in this unprecedented time, the crisis caused by the pandemic.  

Watch the full webinar, click here.

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