Opportunities for Multimedia Arts Graduates -

Opportunities for Multimedia Arts Graduates

Today’s technologically advanced society has become a catalyst of the increasing opportunity for those studying the multimedia arts course. Career chances under this specialization are wide-range and can include positions in various fields such as publishing, design, advertising, and many more.

Below are only a few examples of careers that you can pursue with a degree in multimedia arts.

ArtsArt enthusiasts nowadays appreciate the blending of traditional mediums resulting to surreal work of art greater than before. As fine artist, you can put your knowledge and capability in drawing and photography and combine it with cutting-edge computer applications in creating interactive digital art pieces and never-before-seen images that will fascinate the eyes of art connoisseurs and the masses alike.

Web DesignThe availability of various gadgets and the increasing number of internet users demand proper information dissemination online. A lot of companies are improving their internet visibility and seek out experts in creating software, developing interactive websites, and bringing images to life. Some job titles in this area include web designer, web developer and web content creator.

AdvertisingEvery company needs a properly designed logo, brochure, print advertisements, billboards, and other marketing collateral to be able to deliver the right message and establish strong connection with their target customers. Your creativity and skillset as multimedia arts professional will be needed by corporate entities to help them with their advertising requirements.

EntertainmentYou can use your expertise in creating gaming and television materials such as video game graphics, DVD visuals and menus, pictures for television programs, and interfaces for CD-ROMs. Professional titles in the entertainment industry that you might be in include broadcast designer, game developer, motion graphics designer and animator.

Multimedia arts can be an excellent field for creative individuals who are also tech savvy and the number of opportunities is increasing. If you are planning to take multimedia arts course, Southville International School and Colleges develops students to be competitive in the fields of computer design and graphics as a medium of communication.

They provide training using state of the art facilities and have connections with multimedia agencies for students’ practicum. SISC offers a broad perspective for media practices and embraces multi-disciplinary fields such as Photography, 2D & 3D Animation, Graphic Design, Advertising, and Audio-Visual Production and Post Production.

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