Psychology Through the Eyes of Jodi Sta Maria -

Psychology Through the Eyes of Jodi Sta Maria

Viktor Frankl, a Holocaust survivor and Austrian neurologist, often quotes, “He who has a why can bear any how.” On the 13th of March, 2018, Southville held a Meet and Greet event with actress, and Psychology student, Jodi Sta. Maria. Having graduated high school from Southville’s INNOVE program in 2010, the actress later on, in 2017, started studying Psychology in Southville Colleges. Recently, she was awarded for being the top student in her entire section.

This time around, Ms. Sta. Maria did not speak as the actress we all know and love her as, but instead, as one of the students—Giving advice to all those hoping to pursue Psychology in the future, or at least hope to learn a thing or two about grit. The questions all varied, from students from various schools. Some asked her about Southville’s learning environment, to which she replied excellent, and mentioned how competent the teachers are, completely in line with the 5Cs. She gave advice to those who wanted to learn better time management: Know what you want, fight for what you want, and break them all down into goals so you’ll be able to pursue them better.

An important portion of the Meet and Greet focused a lot on the importance of mental health. Some students came forward seeking advice on how to help those with mental illnesses, and how to deal with your own, and those of whom you love, to which she answered, “Do not shy away from your brokenness, it is the only way you can minister to other people.” Ms. Sta. Maria continued on with emphasizing the importance of knowing that one is never alone, that there will always be people who want to support you, all you need to do is reach out to them.

Students from different schools all visited Southville in order to get a glimpse behind what Psychology college students learn every day. The students of Southville Colleges prepared booths where the visitors could learn more about their own personalities, different games that helped them all foster good connections, and forms for those who wanted to pursue Psychology in Southville in the near future. The dean of Psychology, Mr. Ruel Cajili, on the students who wish to pursue Psychology in the future, says, “In Psychology, you are opening doors to helping people, and touching lives is worth so much more than earning money.”

Written by Giana G. San Buenaventura

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