Southville Alumna Now a Celebrity Author -

Southville Alumna Now a Celebrity Author

A lot of people braved Typhoon Glenda for the first day of the blockbuster movie “She’s Dating the Gangster”starring teen actors Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. But do you know the author of the book on which the movie was based? It’s Bianca Bernardino, Southville International School and Colleges Alumna.

“One hot morning in summer, I woke up bored and tried to think of what things I could do. I grabbed my pen and started writing. I wrote and wrote and wrote.”
This is how Bianca Bernardino, a Southville BS Psychology Alumna developed her passion for writing and the rest is history.

A member of Psychology Society back in her college days, Bianca shared that most of her stories were basically coming from her personal experiences while others are product of her imagination, like how she would like things to happen. She also got inspiration from some of her schoolmates who get to be part of her stories too.

“Just keep on writing. Don’t pressure yourself to finish something because you want to have it published. Take your time and enjoy what you are doing,” shared Bianca to budding writers. She added, “Stories written from the heart always turn out as good stories.”

“Bianca has proven that Southville students are holistic individuals who are gifted in their own ways. I look forward to seeing more of her stories in the big screen,” said Psychology Dean Ruel Cajili.

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