Southville Home Grown Conquers Top Universities Worldwide -

Southville Home Grown Conquers Top Universities Worldwide

“I still remember that day when I first talked to Gen Mark back in Elizalde Campus when he was still five years old. I knew then that this student has a lot of potential in him and now that he is almost graduating from the IB Programme, I am very proud of what he has achieved and I know he will conquer greater heights,” said Ms. Mari Vic Suarez, Southville Basic Education Principal.

Gen Mark Tanno who is set to finish International Baccalaureate Programme this June has been offered admission to some of the Ivy League schools worldwide namely Bristol University, Imperial College of London, LEEDS University, Shefields University, Purdue University and Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. He all passed the qualification for the respective universities’ Aerospace Engineering Program.

“I am crossing my fingers that I will also make it in all the other Ivy League schools I applied for in the US. I can’t wait for March!” exclaimed Gen.

Apart from the university admission, Gen also passed the International karatedo black belt examination under the Chairman of the International Meibukan Gojyu ryu Karatedo Association (IMGKA), Master Meitatsu Yagi, 10th Dan Blackbelt from Okinawa, Japan.- ERR

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