Southville-IB Student Accepted into 9 Top Schools in US and Europe -

Southville-IB Student Accepted into 9 Top Schools in US and Europe

Gen Mark Tanno, a Southville homegrown, got accepted into 9 top schools in US and Europe namely Imperial College London, University of Leeds, University of Bristol, University of Sheffield, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), University of Michigan, Purdue University and Duke University. He passed all the qualification for the respective universities’ Aerospace Engineering Program.

Gen Mark Tanno who is set to finish the International Baccalaureate Programme this June has been with Southville International School and Colleges since Junior Preparatory when he could barely speak English. Now, not only is he fluent in English, but he also is a top medalist in a number of Math competitions. He balances his academic life with sports and other interests. He is a player for the school volleyball team, and a black belter. He passed the International Karatedo Black Belt Examination 2015 in Okinawa, Japan.

In his Facebook post, Gen Mark shared that his life did not start with success. He recounted that when he was starting in Math and volleyball competitions, he was not winning at all but his determination, perseverance, and hard work made him successful in all his undertakings.

He said that the various programs of Southville International School and Colleges nurtured his talents and intelligence.

He also expressed his sadness over not being accepted into his “dream school” however, he said that he would not let it demotivate him as “God has a plan for him”.

Gen Mark posted, “Maybe God wanted to tell me that I still had to work harder. He also showed me to focus on my goal to be an aerospace engineer because Georgia Tech and the University of Michigan are the top schools for the course. In fact, I should be very thankful because so many opportunities are waiting for me!”

Gen Mark also expressed that this is a challenge that he will make the most out of. “It is not the school, but what you do in the school that matters. College is a starting line, and I am back again to square one. I should not be demotivated just because I didn’t get into my dream schools. I have to make the most out of my next four years in whichever school I end up going,” he said.

“I would like to thank everyone who has helped me become who I am today! I can’t wait to finally go to college and gain more friends, more knowledge, and more experience!”

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