Southville International School and Colleges Launches Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Application Specializations

Recognizing how technology plays a vital role in today’s society, Southville International School and Colleges is offering two additional tracks in its BS Information Technology program starting school year 2018-2019: Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Applications.

Students majoring in Mobile Apps will learn how to design and host mobile apps good for gaming, entertainment, and productivity while students majoring in AI will tackle real-world projects such as handwriting/speech recognition and stock trading with neural networks.

“Southville IT degree holders will be equiped with the knowledge and cofidence that will help them transform an organization into a more innovative, efficient and sustainable one,” said Dr. Aris Ignacio, Dean of Information Technology.

Providing the students with quality AI skills and training is Professor Rex Wallen Tan, the sole holder of an AI masters degree in the Philippines.  Professor Tan finished his Master in Artificial Intelligence as Summa Cum Laude in Imperial College of London, one of the top universities in the world.

Aside from the new specializations, Southville IT students are trained in various topics and specializations that will prepare them for their profession. They also acquire a vast network of mentors and peers through their involvement in seminars and organizations here and abroad such as the Youth for Internet Governance Forum organized by the Netmission Asia, the Youth for Information Technology held annually in Manila, the Internet Society’s (ISOC) Intercommunity, student organization Junior Philippine Internet Computer Society -Southville chapter, and IN2ITION, an IT convention led and organized by Southville students.

At the end of the course, Southville IT students will not only obtain a college diploma but also global certifications from Microsoft that will give them an advantage anywhere in the world.

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