Southville Psychology Educational Tour —a Success! -

Southville Psychology Educational Tour —a Success!

College of Psychology held its educational tour last February 15, 2013 to further enhance the knowledge and skills of the Psychology students.

Elsie Gaches has been positive about the children who have been diagnosed with mental retardation cases and alike.

They have gone their way to Haven for Children to get introduced with children who once lived in the street and had once tasted the pain of hunger and the lack of care and love of the family. They also went to Marillac Hills which caters to and houses women who have been sexually abused & exploited and those who are in conflict with the law. Ms. Chery, a clinical psychologist made clear for the students, the different clinical and counseling cases that they are trying to address and so the behaviors they need to re-align for the holistic healing of the “housemates.” She also showed to the group the different tools and house facilities for counseling and group therapy. They scouted the students to different areas that showcase the arts and crafts made by the “housemates.”

Visiting those places has created positive drive and encouragement to the students as they look forward to seeing themselves doing their OJT in those kind of institutions and better still, to practice their life-long careers (as shown in their comments / insights in the evaluation form).

As per the curriculum, the best time has arrived for the students to learn the importance of different sciences specifically Physics and Zoology in their chosen field and to their everyday living as they enjoy the different rides in Enchanted Kingdom. They were able to understand the reason behind certain fears and phobias; the probable behaviors and so the necessary interventions that can be done.

The trip could not be possible without the accompanying support and guidance of Ms. Juliet P. Catungal, Ms. Antonette L. Ramos, Ms. Avigail M Dolleton, Ms. Brigette Javier, Ms. Avelina L. Mandin, Mr. Mark S. Paulo, and Mr. Ruel A. Cajili. Thanks also to all Psychology Society Officers especially the president, Jannabelle O. Gallardo Psychology for another educational experience!

They have gone beyond notes and lectures – they have life-based lessons!

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