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College Students Commit to 5Cs of Success in Convocation

The 5Cs (Competence, Character, Collaboration, Commitment to Achieve and Creativity) Convocation was held last July 24, 2011 at Luxembourg Gym with the theme “5Cs in Action”. It was attended by about 200 students from the IC 1 – SISC Hallmarks and NSTP 1 classes.

Dr. Virginia Caneo, Dean of General Education, welcomed the participants and shared the importance of the 5Cs in enjoying and enhancing college life. Dr. Marl Ferenal, SISC President, gave inspiring thoughts about the relevance of the 5Cs in attaining success. Ms. Marie Vic Suarez, Basic Education Principal, shared the “10 Lessons We Learned from the Japanese … [Read more]

English Immersion Program

English Immersion Program

Course Description

For over 20 years, Southville International School & Colleges has delivered quality international education in the Philippines in an English Speaking Environment. We offer non-native speakers the chance to interact with native English speakers and be fully immersed in an English Speaking Culture. Southville students take the TOEFL® ITP and TOEIC® tests and have consistently scored extremely well with native speaker proficiency. This program is for you if:

  • You want to experience an International culture and practice English language skills.
  • You wish to prepare for the TOEFL® and/or TOEIC® tests.
  • You wish to
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Southville-IB Student’s Research Sparks Media Interest All over Asia

Christopher Mills, an International Baccalaureate student of Southville International School and Colleges, recently wrote a research on the Philippine economy that sparked media interest and discussion all over Asia.

Chris’ research was for a Math Internal Assessment for his year 2 in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. He believes that his objective research on Philippine economy growth patterns will help him be accepted in Trent University, the second best school in Canada, where he plans to take up Finance.

Currently, Mr. Richard Mills, the father of Chris, has been receiving request for Chris’ paper from across Asia. He believes that … [Read more]

Southville-Innove Alumna Headlines University Golf Scene

Southville International School and Colleges – INNOVE Education Solution alumna Abegail Arevalo is the rising superstar of the San Jose State University Golf Team. In her school’s latest foray, Abby finished 6th out of 45 contenders, and 1st in her school’s golf roster, in the Mountain West Conference Championship last April 18-20, 2016.

In her email, she excitedly announced to her friend, Miss Anjer, that she was finally number 1! And she was! She was the 1st finisher of their school roster and she finished 6th overall in recent conference. She also expressed that her success is due to her … [Read more]

An Easy Fix

The clamor of students on an early Saturday morning is pretty hard to miss. I walked into the Lux Hall on that very Saturday, still pretty hung up on the last few minutes (or hours) of sleep I could have gotten if I didn’t have to attend CAS. Needless to say, after gorging on a Mcdonald’s breakfast and lazily walking to the hall in an attempt to wake myself up, I was anything but excited or energized.

I was tired.

And it seemed that everyone else around me was, too. Lazy students bringing out their phones and sitting haphazardly on … [Read more]

Southville Alumna’s Novel Breaks into International Publication

Perhaps we all had that moment when a teacher’s praise inspired us greatly.

For Kate Evangelista, now a published author, everything started with her teacher telling her she has a knack for writing. Years later, after graduating high school from Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) in 2000, she held on to those encouraging words as she pursued her craft.

“I started getting interested in writing second year in high school at Southville International. My English teacher gave us a writing assignment and I started writing short stories and she said that I had something. I think teachers are really [Read more]

Southville Alumna Is A Superhero!

Who is your favorite superhero?

While most people will cry out for Batman or Captain America, and some will lovingly mention their parents, teachers or friends, Optum Health Care Technology says Gian Carla Ortiz is their favorite superhero.

Carla, a Southville Nursing alumna, is one of the 150 awardees out of 2000 nominations of the multinational health care company. She is also recognized as (1) Best Bright Idea 2015 – Ranked 2 Overall Optum Global Solutions, (2) NRS – Team United Award, (3) Spot Awardee – OGS Townhall, (4) Innovation Awardee – OptumHealth Townhall, (5) First Lean Certified Practitioner 2015, … [Read more]

Remembering Yesterday

High school alumna and De La Salle BS Physical Therapy Magna Cum Laude Arisa Takagi talked about her student days at Southville with the Office of Public Relations.

Arisa Takagi started at Southville when she was twelve years old and in Grade 8. Arisa describes her student days as unforgettable because she made long-lasting friendships. She met her best friends with whom she’s in constant communication with until now. In addition, Arisa learned things from her teachers and peers that she has applied in college. “Honestly, what I achieved now, I owe so much to Southville,” she shared. Arisa stated … [Read more]

Danica Then: An achiever to remember

“If you fail, do not be afraid to try again. It is always more painful to think of the things you did not do and if you succeed, stay humble.” –Danica Then, Southville alumna

Southville alumna Danica Then recently graduated Cum Laude from the University at Buffalo in the United States. She shared her success story with Jesselle Villegas from the Office of Public Relations.

JV: At what age and level did you start at Southville International School and Colleges?

Danica Then: Southville International School and Colleges was my first school. I’ve been in Southville almost my entire life, from … [Read more]


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