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Southville Alumna Wins Reina Hispanoamericana Crown

Southville Alumna Wins Reina Hispanoamericana Crown

Southville International School and Colleges High School class 2008 and Teaching Certificate Program class 2017 alumna, Teresita Ssen “Winwyn” Marquez, was crowned Reina Hispanoamericana in the recent Reina Hispanoamericana pageant in Bolivia.

Winwyn bested 26 other lovely candidates and won the Reina Hispanoamericana crown. Winwyn also won the Ipanema Girl, Miss Personality (first runner up), Traditional Costume (third place), and Best Smile (finalist) and Miss Silhouette (finalist).

During the pageant’s question-and-answer portion, Winwyn was asked how she would promote the Hispanic-American culture despite the language barrier.

“Language can be learned but the will and determination to contribute to the organization … [Read more]

BEED SPED: Core Competencies

BEED SPED: Core Competencies

Education Objectives

The Education Department aims to produce graduates who demonstrate the following core competencies:

1. Excellent character in teaching and in dealing with learners with special needs.

  • Demonstrate understanding of learners with special needs and methodologies of educating them.
  • Demonstrate compassion and concern for learners with special needs.
  • Possess interpersonal skills and collaborative attitude in dealing with parents of learners with special needs as well as with the school personnel and people in the school community.

2. Professional competence and research orientation in the practice of the profession considering the international standards.

  • Possess open-mindedness to and interest in innovations
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BEED SPED: Competency Standards

BEED SPED: Competency Standards

Graduates of the BEED Special Education programs are teachers who:

  • have the basic and higher level of literacy, communication literacy, critical thinking, learning skills needed for higher learning;
  • have a deep and principled understanding of the learning processes and the role of the teacher in facilitating these processes in their students;
  • have a deep and principled understanding of how educational processes relate to larger historical, cultural, and political processes;
  • have a meaningful and comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter they will teach;
  • can apply a wide range of teaching process skills ( including curriculum development, lesson planning, materials and development,
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BEED SPED: Course Overview

BEED SPED: Course Overview


The course provides students with a general training in education and developmental psychology, sociology and linguistics applied to education, especially to students with special learning needs.

This course includes the Philosophy, Foundations, and Principles of Education, Curricular Content Development, Development of Instructional Materials, Teaching Strategies and Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI)

Program Description and General Objectives

Bachelor in Elementary Education (BEEd) is structured to meet the needs of professional teachers for elementary schools and special education programs in the Philippines
The BEEd aims to develop elementary school teachers who are either (a) generalists who … [Read more]

BEED SPED: Curriculum

BEED SPED: Curriculum
  • Benchmarked against international standards
  • Integrated course content and delivery
  • Focused on latest educational methodologies such as:
    • Brain-Based Learning (BBL)
    • Outcomes-Based Education (OBE)
    • Differentiated Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment (DCIA)
    • Multiple Intelligence and Learning Styles
    • Positive Learning and Environment through Discipline (PLED)
    • Standards-Based Assessment (SBA)
    • Laboratory-School Accredited Internationally (WASC)

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International Author Holds Writing Workshop

The hottest YA author and Southville alumna, Kate Evangelista, is giving us a free writing workshop on October 21 in celebration of our 26th Founding Anniversary!

Dont miss out the chance to learn the from the expert and have a signed copy of No Other Love! Pre-order her books now! Contact PR and Marketing Office at 820-8702 local 142 and look for Elyds or Arianne.



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1. Must have enrolled with an academic load of at least 15 units.
2. Must have no failing grades in any subject.
3. Must have not been involved in any disciplinary case.
4. The application form must have been signed by the Discipline Head, Registrar, and Dean/ Chairperson.


To Download: Right Click > Save Link As > (Save the file to your computer)

►Application Form : Certificate of Candidacy

►Application Form: Political Party and Political Line Up

Filing of application is from
April 8 to April 25, 2013