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Southville Student Named SDGs Youth Action Ambassador

Southville Student Named SDGs Youth Action Ambassador

Senior named as SDGs youth ambassador Out of thousands of candidates, a senior high school student from Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) was named Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) Youth Action Ambassador by Youth Now 2024. Jacqueline Ross Jocson of Gr. 12 – Service was selected as one of the Top 100 from Asia & Pacific countries based on her passion and commitment to the SDGs set forward by the United Nations. Jocson joined other young leaders in the Global Goals Summit held last January 25-27, 2024 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As Philippine youth ambassador, she presented a 3-minute talk … [Read more]

Southville continues Legacy of Academic Excellence and Global Impact at 33

Southville continues Legacy of Academic Excellence and Global Impact at 33

Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) is celebrating the 33rd anniversary of its founding in 1990, honoring a history of unwavering commitment to academic excellence and global standards. From its humble beginnings as a preschool to not only offering K12, college and graduate school but also expanding into several campuses, SISC’s transformation into one of the premiere international schools in the Philippines is nothing short of remarkable.

“With great pride, we celebrate Southville International School and Colleges’ 33rd anniversary of providing quality international education, and fostering diversity and global understanding,” SISC President Jocelyn P. Tizon said in her statement. “As … [Read more]

NCLEX Philippines – Exam and practice questions in the Philippines

NCLEX Philippines – Exam and practice questions in the Philippines


  1. What is the NCLEX Exam
  2. What are the requirements for NCLEX in the Philippines
  3. What is CGFNS VisaScreen
  4. What are the CGFNS Accredited English Tests
  5. The Southville Nursing Program Advantage: TOEIC and 100% Passing Rate
  6. NCLEX Practice Questions
  7. What is the difference between NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN
  8. What are the requirements for CGFNS VisaScreen
  9. How do I register for the NCLEX Exam in the Philippines

What is the NCLEX Exam?

The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) is a standardized test that aspiring nurses must pass to obtain licensure in the United States … [Read more]

A New Dimension: Multiverse of Neurological Care

A New Dimension: Multiverse of Neurological Care

By Gian Carlo Manipol, BSN Class of 2025

Figure 1 From L-R: Mr. Robert Lim(faculty), Pen Davidson, Bernice Nicolas, Ayesa Cruz, Denise Beyer, Tomoya Takenoshita, Ms. Maj Tomas (faculty), Gian Manipol, JD Alvarado, Lance Guiling, Dr. Keith Ablona (BSN Class 2011), Jacklord dela Cruz.

It was an amazing opportunity for us the newly appointed student officers of Southville International Organization for Nursing (SION), to be the selected representatives for the College of Nursing in Asian Hospital and Medical Center’s Department of Neurosciences 6th Postgraduate Course: The Multiverse of Neurological Care held last June 28, 2023.

Several exciting medical developments … [Read more]

Teresita Ssen Marquez Wins Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas Crown

Teresita Ssen “Winwyn” Marquez, three-time grand slam volleyball champion (2006-2008, ISAC) and Southville International School and Colleges High School alumna of class 2008 and Teaching Certificate Program 2017 was crowned Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas, in the recent Miss World 2017 pageant. 

“The moment was so surreal. I can’t believe that I finally have a crown on my head and that I’ll be representing the Philippines in an international pageant. The first ever Filipina to compete in Reina Hispanoamericana. Thank you to all who believed and supported me! The competition will be tough, but I know I can make it through for … [Read more]

ABM Students Display Business Acumen in HS Intrams Bazaar

August 31, 2017- The Accountancy, Business & Management (ABM) students of Southville International School and Colleges supported the High School Intramurals by hosting a two-day Entrep bazaar at the Monarchs Gym, practicing their skills in entrepreneurship as they commence yet another year of learning and growth.

Intrams and bazaars have always been a primary event in Southville as it allows students to participate in recreational sports and business as they advance to become movers and leaders in the global community.

HS Intrams Bazaar

HS Intrams Bazaar

HS Intrams Bazaar

In this bazaar, students showcased a wide array of food products, novelty items and enjoyable games that showed their creativity … [Read more]

Jodi Sta. Maria Enrolls in Southville

June 6, 2017 – Renowned actress Jodi Sta. Maria proved that not even show business can stop her from pursuing her dreams as she enrolled for BS Psychology in Southville International School and Colleges through the INNOVE Education Solution.

Jodi will be taking BS Psychology as a premedical course, a stepping stone to medical school.

“It is Jodi’s dream from the start to be a doctor. Being in the field of Psychology will prepare her to see a different perspective of medical course. Her selfless intention to help people will guide her in understanding people’s mind and behavior. We in … [Read more]

Avail the Southville Discounts Now!

Southville International School and Colleges is inviting everyone to avail the various discounts offered for School Year 2017-2018:

• Early Enrollment Discount
‣ Get 2 percent off on Tuition fee if you enroll before April 28, 2017

• Preschool Discount
‣ Get 5 percent off on Tuition fee for students enrolling in Nursery, Pre-Kinder, Junior Kinder, and Senior Kinder

• Entry Level Discount
‣ Get 8 percent off on Tuition fee for new students enrolling in Grade 1 and Grade 7

• Alumni Discount I
‣ Southville alumni get 10 percent off on Tuition fee for Graduate Courses
‣ Southville … [Read more]


Preschoolers are naturally curious. They are eager to explore their surroundings and know how things work. To engage young minds, the Preschool teachers of Southville International School and Colleges develop the project approachmethod in teaching young children.

Project Approach involves children in their learnings by letting them decide which among their interested topics are worth learning.  Project Approach has three phases: 1) Beginning the Project, 2) Developing the Project and 3) Concluding the Project. In Phase 1, Beginning the Project, the class decides on the topic through voting.  Learning the chosen topic together, as a class, throughout the term is Phase … [Read more]

Understanding Multiple Intelligences of the Students

“Each person has a different intellectual composition.”

– Howard Gardner
Frames of Mind (1983)

Through the years, the definition on what intelligence is has been on a broader scope. Human competencies are now based on more diverse combination of traditional and non-traditional intelligence including interpersonal, intrapersonal, musical, spatial, and kinesthetic that were long overlooked. Educational institutions especially international schools in the Philippines should find ways on how to apply these multiple intelligences in the classroom.

There are advantages perceived to be connected with enrolling in an international school and we listed some below.

  • The Existential Intelligence group is sensitive and
[Read more]